Modern World Meets Old Time Class

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It’s not uncommon for someone to want a little bit of both old-time class and modern amenity. This is quite understandable considering both worlds hold so many wonderful attributes. The easiest way to do this though is through the use of an old-time reminiscent room design, along with tactfully chosen modern dcor and furnishings.

One great example is in the use of floral wallpaper and wood-trimmed accents. Such a display can be quite classy and aged looking. At the same time, Read more…

Time Loved Trends Vintage Designs Done Over

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Usually when we think about using vintage elements in interior decorating, we take a piecemeal approach. We might find a lovely Victorian writing desk or a funky, brightly colored chair from the ’70s at an estate sale or a specialty shop. We consider such finds to be quirky treasures. Typically, we’ll use them as conversation pieces or perhaps accents to spruce up a dull room.

Another common practice is to use the trends of the past as loose inspiration. Many designers take the color palette of another decade and apply it to Read more…

Cool Blue Frosted Glass Kitchen Lighting

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The process of decorating your home involves taking every area in to consideration and choosing just the right elements to make your style shine through and turn your home in to one that is beloved by everyone. You can make your kitchen a stylish area simply by using a few touches that draw attention to the area and are eye catching at the same time. one such option is to use cool blue frosted glass kitchen lighting. This is a great way to bring light in to the kitchen, impart a cool blue Read more…

Blast Off With A Futuristic Interior Theme

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If you have the cash, the time and the imagination and you want an interior design theme that’s a little out of the ordinary then why not consider turning your home or business into a futuristic wonderland. Lots of clubs are doing it and even some businesses have jumped on board with dining areas and lobbies featuring sleek and ergonomic furniture, creative mood lighting, unconventional window structures and modern art decorum. And it’s not just visual changes either. Many of these modern hubs feature renewable energy options, efficient machinery and even the latest t1 internet.

If you need ideas on creating your own futuristic pad then all you really need is the time and a reliable internet connection to do the research. Part of modern and futuristic interior design means embracing what some may consider odd or unconventional decorating schemes and color sets. You could even find out how to spruce up your small business with just a few minutes spent on your Jacksonville T1 internet. Just remember that there is a difference between unconventional interior design and downright atrocious design. Much like the science fictions stories set in the future, future interior design themes are about embracing new ideas but, more importantly, making them work for you regardless of whether this is for a home entertaining guests or a lobby where you impress your clientele. It should inspire the mind and the imagination while exuding traits of modern sophistication.

Green Design: Eco Friendly Bathroom Flooring

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For anyone who is considering to do a a bathroom remodel or upgrade, making your bathroom a green space is going to save you money, and also help the planet. There are many different eco-friendly flooring options to choose from for those who are interested in using organic products that are safe for the environment in their home. The first thing to do is decide what type of flooring you want to use. Do you want to have a wood flooring in the bathroom, or a tile flooring? Once you have decided you can start exploring your different choices.

Recycled wood is a great option to use, because you can easily seal it and it will last for a very long time. Natural stone tiles are another option to use, along with recycled glass and plastic tiles that look like the real thing. If you are able to install the flooring on your own that’s great, but if your unsure then get the help of a professional. Once you tear the old flooring and boards out of the home you’ll want to make sure you take it to a local recycling center so its thrown away, broken down and treated properly.

French Country Themes On A Budget

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If you want to change the look of your home or if your looking to update the decor, you can get some great objects and do a French Country theme easily on a budget. The first thing that you are going to want to do is get a vase, and put some yellow willows in it. This is a very French country plant, and looks great on an island or table. Use plain white canisters, or some see through glass canisters and fill with noodles, rise, oats and granola, or traditional sugars and spices. Cloth napkins, place mats and table clothes will work great. Dry in a dark yellow, dark red or even a dark blue. This completes the kitchen.

You don’t have to go overboard with the farm animals, but by adding a couple of cows or roosters you can really tie the country look of your home together. These don’t have to be cartoon looking cows, but maybe more sophisticated and contemporary looking options. Baskets in different rooms of the house, along with cloth curtains and a picture of a farmhouse on the wall. Things in the country are often made of cotton not silk, so remember that and you’ll be fine.

Hananakuh Table Theme For The Craft Inclined

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Blue, white, and silver are the traditional colors associated with Hannukah around the world. Thoughts of latkes, menorahs, and the star of David all lend themselves to excellent ideas for decorating your table at this holiday.

Today we will decorate our table for the festival of lights! Cover your table with a dark blue table cloth. Next, take a large platter and smoothly cover it with silver wrapping paper or foil. Place your menorah on this platter so that when lit, the light reflects back up casting a beautiful glow through the room. Using a silver or white paper, cut the star of David out in multiple sizes and place it on the table around the platter.

At each place setting, layer dark blue and white dishes for each person. Use metallic colored beads to string napkin rings for each place setting to add to the glitter of the lights. Place gold covered chocolate coins in each child’s place as is traditional with the holiday. Mold additional coins out of white chocolate for dessert and place them on either side of the platter in a metallic dish to add to the elegance. These decorations are sure to add to celebration!

Christmas Table Theme For The Craft Inclined

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Christmas is a time for decorating. Our tables are decked out with all of its finery to make the Christmas meals more special. Christmas decorations for our tables can be theme oriented. We can use our imaginations to come up with crafty ideas to decorate our tables for the holidays.

We may choose to decorate with a theme of certain colors or certain items to make our decorations more appealing. For example, you could use pine cones decorated with red or green bows added to table runners of similar colors to decorate with a nature theme. Or maybe you might prefer to decorate using special Christmas plates along with matching candles as centerpieces for a more contemporary theme.

The first thing you will need to do is to choose what your decorating theme will be, and then you will need to decide how you want to decorate the table. Think about what colors you want, and even who your guest will be can help you determine your theme. If you are going to have a lot of children, a Santa theme would be good, but if it is mostly adults another theme might be better. Your table will be beautiful.

5 Ways To Change The Look Of Your Drapes

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What are 5 ways to change the look of your drapes? Drapes can be altered to hang from the windows differently on new hardware. Adding borders to the drapes can change the style. Adding a cornice and sheers can transform the look of your drapes. Adding valances and tailored tiebacks can dress up casual drapes. Mix new drapery panels with the old panels on the same window for a new look. There are many ways to freshen up your old drapes giving them a new fresher appearance, but these are 5 great ways to start.

If you have traditional drapes with a channel at the top for the rod, take out the rod and add metal grommets to the channel. Buy a nice quality drapery rod and re-hang your drapes using the new rod. Your drapes will have a new look now that they are hung on a new rod with metal grommets.

Another option if you sew or know someone who sews is to look for a complementary fabric to add to the border of your old drapes. Make the border about one-quarter of the length of the old drapes. Stitch on the new border and re-hang them. Your home should feel refreshed with its new more sophisticated windows.

Using fabric can make a difference. Try a covered cornice over the window with fabric that matches the drapes or at least complements the draperies. Add sheers to create a well dressed window and a very new look.

Fabric can be used to make valances as well. They also add sophistication to a window. A draped valance that has trim attached like fringe or soutache that can be repeated in the tiebacks is best. Make tailored tiebacks with the same trim to finish the look.

Yet another option for changing the look of your drapes is adding new drapery panels that are complementary with your old drapes. Hang the panels together and watch how this simple addition changes the entire look of your windows. When you glance at your windows they will have a new more interesting appearance.

Whether you select a new border for your drapes or new valances, altering the look of your drapes simly requires a little ingenuity. Add drapery panels, add a cornice or add sheers. In no time your windows will be transformed with a very different look.